"Utilizing my training as a coach and Islam as my foundation, I work closely with clients to help them achieve their goals, enjoy greater fulfilment and achieve balance in their lives so they can attain the maximum benefit in the dunya (this life) as well as the akhira (the hereafter). Whether you are dealing with stress, problems in your personal relationships, or simply need help setting goals and achieving them, I can help. No matter what areas of development you need to work on in your life, I will create a custom plan that suits your needs so that you can get results fast."

- Rebecca Friedman, Founder of Muslimah Life Coaching

Muslimah Life Coaching offers:

  •   1-on-1 coaching to Muslimahs throughout the world,

  •   coaching sessions via Skype or phone,

  •   in-between-session homework and weekly email follow up.

Global Coaching

If you are looking to:

  •   Build a stronger relationship with Allah Subhanuhu wa Ta'ala.

  •   Improve your personal relationships.

  •   Learn time and life management systems.

  •   Work on your emotional and mental wellbeing.

  •   Set powerful goals and define your vision in life.

  •   Create an action plan to achieve extraordinary results.


I can help you make dramatic changes in your life in sha' Allah!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If after (3) sessions if you are not satisfied with my coaching, I will gladly refund you 100% of your fees.

“All changes are created in a moment, it's just that most of us wait until certain things happen before we finally decide to make a shift.”

- Tony Robbins